Pond construction waterfalls & garden pond refurbishment

We have built ponds from a few square meters up to an acre. Some of these ponds have been long formal reflection pools, large lakes, or small and natural and most have been beautifully landscaped with rocks, plants and waterfalls.

We treat every pond differently and everything is considered before any construction begins.

There are many different types of ponds; wildlife ponds, koi ponds, natural ponds, swimming ponds and pools and water features.

We construct all types of ponds, using different techniques and materials such as:

Many factors come into play when designing a pond; landscape, what the pond is to be used for and the customers own ideas and preferences. All ponds are designed bespoke to the customer and their garden.

We provide, install and maintain all types of filtration from small box filters to large high tech drum filters. We also provide, install and maintain large aerating fountains for lakes and large ponds.

Here are some of our recently constructed new ponds…

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