Swimming Pond & Natural Pool Construction

Beautifully Designed Swimming Ponds in Norfolk and Suffolk

Swimming ponds in Norfolk and Suffolk have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a perfect blend of functionality and natural beauty.

At Lake and Pond Aquatics, we specialise in designing and constructing a wide variety of swimming ponds. Our projects range from formal designs with long swimming lanes, ideal for fitness enthusiasts, to more organic, natural pond shapes that seamlessly blend with the landscape. Each swimming pond we create is tailored to the garden, the specific needs of the client, and their budget.

We are not only leaders in the construction of swimming ponds but also excel in aftercare and maintenance, with regular contracts available.

Lush garden pond with gazebo and diverse plants.
Tranquil garden pond with reflective water and lush greenery.

Custom Swimming Pond Designs

Every swimming pond we design is unique, meticulously crafted to complement its location and surrounding environment. Our bespoke designs ensure that your swimming pond is not only functional but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Tranquil pond with wooden pier in lush green garden.

Importance of Water Quality

A critical factor in designing a swimming pond is the quality of the top-up water. We conduct thorough water quality tests before construction begins. The results of these tests guide us in creating a bespoke filtration and maintenance system that ensures crystal-clear water and a safe swimming environment.

Tranquil garden pond surrounded by lush plants and flowers.

Plunge Pools for Smaller Gardens

In addition to large swimming ponds, we also construct smaller plunge pools, perfect for compact gardens. These plunge pools offer the beauty of a pond year-round, with the added benefit of a refreshing dip during the warmer months.

Experience the joy of a natural swimming pond or plunge pool in your garden. Contact Lake and Pond Aquatics today to discuss your vision and discover how we can bring it to life.

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