Swimming pond & natural pool construction

Swimming ponds in Norfolk and Suffolk are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

We have built and designed a variety of different swimming ponds, ranging from formal designs with long swimming lanes, perfect for keeping fit, to natural. These follow a more natural pond shape and swimming area. Every swimming pond is designed around the garden, the needs and use required by the client and budget.

Every swimming pond we design is different and specifically designed to fit its location and surrounding area.

An important aspect to consider when designing a swimming pond is the water quality of the top up water, we test this before construction, the result of the test helps us design a system which will work and is bespoke to you.

We have also constructed smaller plunge pools which are great for smaller gardens.

They are great as they look like a beautiful pond all year yet you can jump in and cool off.

Here are some of our recently constructed ponds.