Pond Dredging & Restoration of Natural Ponds

We have been dredging and restoring ponds in Norfolk and Suffolk for many years. With this work it has been invaluable to have good local knowledge on soils, waterways and aquatic plant species. Natural ponds need to be evaluated carefully to see what the best way is of restoring the pond without damaging the wildlife and flora you may already have.

A lot of ponds we come across are in need of full restoration. This can mean dredging silt, removing overgrown vegetation and letting in light. Once a pond has been dredged, new life will be brought to the water – even better than before.

After a pond has been restored some people like to incorporate jetties and decking. We also supply pond plants and can plant out ponds.

Steep unworkable banks are another issue with natural ponds. We have carried out several jobs reprofiling them, planting them, and even installing revetments and tiering to help make them more manageable. We provide several different solutions for bank erosion.

Take a look at some of our recent work…